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The ArtsReady program is designed as a partnership with young Australians and the arts and creative sector through an entry-level training and support model that combines practical experience at work with vocational education. ArtsReady allows young trainees to get their foot in the door of a career in the arts and creative industries.

It works by providing a wrap-around support system for young Australians to gain qualifications while being employed. It uses the hands-on experience best provided by the workplace and by experts who have been working in the industry for years. This is complemented with Certificate level qualifications that will be delivered by industry partners with specialist skills and experience.

ArtsReady is about more than just the education and employment experience. Importantly it also brings in the personal support young people need to get the best possible start in their career. The team at ArtsReady will be driven by the knowledge and experience of AFL SportsReady, a company that has successfully supported thousands of young people across Australia for 21 years.

For employers, ArtsReady makes the task of hiring a trainee as straightforward as possible. As we are the legal employer of all trainees, we look after all the administration, we organise the education plan and arrange the appropriate training provider to deliver the education that best suits the needs of the business they are working in. We are with our partner employers every step of the way to help them and the trainees make the experience a success.